10 Empowering Mantras to Live By

10 Empowering Mantras to Live By

I am so excited to share my favorite empowering mantras to live by because sometimes all it takes is choosing the story you want to tell to feel more empowered.

You know those days when you feel beat down? You’re exhausted? You’re wondering what you’re even trying to accomplish? That’s when choosing an empowering mantra can be a simple way to step back into your most powerful self. 

Before we dive in to these powerful mantras to live by, however, let’s talk more about what mantras are and why they’re so powerful. 

What Are Mantras?

We hear the word mantra a lot, but what does it really mean? Where does it come from? The New World Encyclopedia explains:

“A mantra literally means 'instrument of thought.' Originating in ancient India out of Vedic Hinduism, mantras serve a variety of functions and are especially popular as aids to meditation and devotion.”

Mantras are represented by a sound, word or phrase “which can be repeated silently or chanted for different purposes such as instilling concentration, facilitating spiritual growth, and helping to visualize a deity.”

In our modern world, I use mantras to anchor myself in a more powerful thought, moment, or mindset shift. For example, when my mind is racing or I’m fighting an old thought pattern, an empowering mantra helps me shift back to where I want to be. 

While different mantras may feel more aligned on different days, to get the most out of this practice, you want to choose a mantra that best embodies the changes you want to make, and repeat it to yourself each day.

As Yoga International suggests, “You should work with the mantra with full dedication and deep feeling for some time.”

For example, I repeated the mantra “I am abundant” multiple times a day, every day, for weeks before finally feeling myself naturally shift into an abundant mindset.

Empowering Mantras to Live By

If you’re not sure where to start, I’m sharing my 10 favorite empowering mantras to live by. Find the one that feels most powerful for you and repeat it each day.

When I trust, the universe comes rushing in.⁣

I own my pace and unique ebb and flow.

I’m way too good for the minor leagues. 

Show up for yourself before you show up for the world.

Where others see a challenge, I see opportunity. 

Everything is happening when and how it should.

I make my own rules. 

I decide what my success looks like.

It’s all happening for me. 

I am magnetizing all that I desire.

Jessica Thiefels is a published author, host of Mindset Reset Radio, CEO of Jessica Thiefels Consulting, and co-founder of Don’t Ask How. She's been writing for more than 10 years and has been featured in top publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur. Jessica is on a mission to empower women to make their own rules and live with intention so they wake up every day excited about the life they get to live. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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