Our Story

Don’t Ask How first became our motto in 2018 as we began planning our 8 month trip around the world. This was the plan: Ben would leave his job and take on freelance work. Jessica would continue running her consulting business. We both set a goal of working no more than 20 hours each week and we didn’t know where we were going to go or when. We had a one-way ticket to our first location, Australia, and a room booked in Bali, some time planned in Chang Mai, Thailand—and that was it. 

In the months leading up to the trip, we had many conversations about our fears around leaving home for nearly a year to quite literally circumnavigate the globe. We didn’t have much of the how figured out. We just knew it was a trip we had to take and we were ready to take it. (Spoiler alert, it was an incredible, life-changing trip that we’d do again in a heartbeat. You can check out some snaps of our travels in Jessica’s Instagram highlights.)

Since then, we’ve adopted this mindset in every area of our life: as we started our business, as we created the first designs for this e-commerce shop, as we moved across the country (again). 

What we’ve come to realize is that it’s not our job to know the how of it all. It’s our job to do the work, take the steps, and trust that the how will reveal itself as we go. 

This is the mindset we want to share with you through these empowering products that we design together at our home in Vermont. We know you’re passionate about building your business and a life that makes your heart flutter out of your chest. We know you’re ready to take risks and make your own rules. Most importantly, we know you can do all of that.

We’re just here to remind you:

Take the leap.

Do the scary thing.

Push yourself.

Just don’t ask how.